Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Commander WS4 ATV Tracks First Short Ride! Merry Christmas!


Tom Haaland said...

Hi Cubbee!
have a 400 Outlander that i wish to use tracks on, but everyone say that the engine has not enough power (32 hp) what is you and your wife's experience so far on the Kodiac? How many hp is it on the Kodiac?

Feel free to follow my driving in the mountains of west-Norway on my blog: http://haalandweb.net

Its only in norwegian, but with google translate... ;-)
Merry christmas to you both!!

cubbeezx said...

HI, from what we've heard our Kodiak has around 27 hp. Haven't had a chance yet to try it in really deep snow, but so far it runs great with them. Top speed definitely is reduced, but mid/low range seems just fine. IF we get a chance we'll try and check out your blog!